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Best Drywall Repair Service Chesapeake, VA

We can provide long-lasting and efficient solutions to all of your drywall issues. We are proud to be able to provide drywall replacement and repair services in Chesapeake.

We understand how important it is for your drywall to be in the best possible condition. We strive to provide the highest quality services for a reasonable price. No matter if it’s a small hole or electrical damage to the wall, or water damage, we can have it looking new again in no-time.

Give us a call, and we will send a team of professional drywall contractors to get the job done right. For a free quote, contact our agents today!

drywall repair during home remodeling
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Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
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man on a latter fixing drywall in ceiling

Drywall Repair

We offer amazing drywall repair services that will patch up the holes in your ceilings or walls.
drywall installation of new home construction project

Drywall Installation

We offer a wide range of services, including replacements and reinstallations.
worker on a later starting to paint the ceiling white


We offer painting services from the best painters in town once your new or replacement drywall is installed.
two workers installing drywall in large room

Commercial Drywall

We install drywall in commercial areas such as buildings, restaurants, and stores.Call us today.

Our Drywall Company

Our company specializes in drywall repair. Sometimes, walls can be damaged by the previous owner when you move into a new property. Sometimes wall damage can be caused by electrical works, leaking or other unfortunate events.

No matter what the cause of the damage, we have the right tools and equipment to restore your property. To restore your property’s original beauty, we can seamlessly blend our work with existing drywall. It will be difficult for you or your visitors to distinguish the difference.

Apart from providing repair services, we can also accommodate special requests such as installments. We created our company to provide drywall solutions for commercial and residential properties. This means that you don’t need to worry about hiring drywall professionals or separate clean up services. Our team will restore your ceiling and walls to their original condition.

Talk to one of our agents if you are unsure about which service you should receive. We will send an expert for you to assess the situation. For a free discussion on your property’s specific needs, contact us immediately. We will provide long-lasting, cost-effective solutions that are affordable for you.

We can help with everything from minor cracks in the wall to complete drywall installations. We don’t only care about aesthetic appeal. Our drywall repairs won’t be noticed. We are proud to ensure that your drywall repair is safe and flat.

drywall in new living room under construction
They were really great to work with. They did all the prep work on our existing house before we had it sided so that everything would match up afterward. The price for this extra help was also very good.
Marlon W.
They did the drywall installation on our new office space. It helped that they were familiar with our particular building code requirements because we had never been through this before. The quality of the work was good too, so they will be doing more projects for us in the future.
Alison S.
I was renovating my kitchen and I needed the drywall fixed quick. Chesapeake Drywall Pros was able to get it done within a week with no problems. They charged me what they quoted, which I thought was reasonable.
Jessie P.

Our Drywall Contracting Services

See below for more information about our stellar drywall services.

Drywall Repair

Although drywall can be a great product it is susceptible to everyday wear and tear. Poor or unprofessional drywall installations can shorten the life expectancy of your drywall by making it susceptible to cracks and dents. Even the most secure drywall may still be damaged by unintentional accidents.

Our team is made up of the best drywall contractors. They are well-trained and have the knowledge and skills to complete the job. No matter how small or large the damage, we can handle it. We will help you find the right solution for you, and we won’t break your budget.In general, drywall repairs are not as expensive or time-consuming as you may expect. It is quite simple to repair small holes in walls with custom patches made of another piece. Although more severe damages require more labor, our professionals will complete the job in a timely fashion.

man on a latter fixing drywall in ceiling

Drywall Installation

Installing drywall on either commercial and residential properties has its list of benefits. First, it takes less time than other construction projects. It is possible to get drywall ceilings and walls in as little as a month. Our team of professional drywall contractors has been trained to deliver high-quality and timely results.There is no need to worry about adding layers upon layers of plaster and wooden strips. This will save you time, money, and effort. Our drywall installation makes it easy to change any space.

Our drywall products have a uniform finish and are fire-resistant, mildew, and durable.You can rest assured that we will use safe ingredients which are affordable and easy on the family. You don’t have to worry about your loved ones accidentally inhaling toxic elements such as lead. Because our drywalls can be repaired immediately after installation, you won’t need to worry about it.

drywall installation of new home construction project


There are many benefits to hiring a professional drywall painting service. A professional will have the best quality paint for your walls, ensuring a long-lasting coat that can be easily cleaned and cared for in the future. Professionals also have access to the most modern tools and equipment, which they use to do a thorough job of painting your drywall thoroughly from top to bottom, inside and out.

In addition, professionals have been through extensive training in order to learn everything there is about prepping a wall for painting. They know exactly what type of sanding needs to be done before a wall can be painted and they can tell you which primer or sealer will work best on your particular surface so that it doesn’t become damaged when they start applying coats of paint.

Finally, professionals will also have the best selection of paints and coatings so you can choose exactly what color and type of paint works best in your home or office. When thinking about hiring a professional drywall painting service for any project, remember that the benefits far outweigh the cost since it ensures that you won’t have to pay more later on when your walls start peeling because they were not properly prepped before being painted.

worker on a later starting to paint the ceiling white

Commercial Drywall

When you’re constructing a building, it’s important that you take the necessary steps toward making sure that the entire project will stand strong. Of course, this means that your foundation needs to be solid and you need to make sure that everything is well-constructed. However, it’s just as important to consider what kind of wall system would be most beneficial for your particular building.

One type of wall system is known as drywall, also referred to as sheetrock or plasterboard. If you’ve ever worked on construction before, you know how frustrating it can sometimes be if things don’t go according to plan right away because the company didn’t offer professional commercial drywall service. Having said this though, it’s important for you to be aware of the fact that drywall is a great solution for your business.

Among the many benefits of using drywall in commercial construction projects, one of the most notable is that drywall can actually help to reduce sound levels within a building or room. So, if your building needs to remain quiet and it needs to abide by certain noise restrictions, this might just be a perfect option for you! Additionally, when you have wall systems such as these within your building, it means that there are more opportunities for tenants or customers to advertise their products or services on walls throughout the interior of your structure. In other words, this will increase brand awareness and word-of-mouth marketing activities.

two workers installing drywall in large room

Drywall Finishing

Contrary to popular belief, finishing drywall is difficult. In fact, it takes a great deal of skill and craftsmanship to ensure that a drywall finishing blends perfectly with the existing material. The entire process of repair or installation will become an obvious part of your interior walls.The process of drywall finishing involves a number of complicated steps that can prove difficult for novices to follow. We are fortunate to have a team of highly skilled experts who can carry out five different levels of drywall finishing.

Our team is well-equipped to meet the professional standards of the gypsum industry.The level zero service is where we start. It means there is no further work, other than fixing the drywall to the ceilings or walls. The next steps include applying joint compound to the joints, covering the holes with drywall screws, embedding joint tape and covering them. Finally, levels 4 through 5 were a combination of a traditional drywall finish and skim coating.

worker on a later starting to paint the ceiling white


Drywall is a material used to cover walls in rooms. It’s made by pressing gypsum between two thick pieces of paper or cloth. After being pressed, it’s dried and coated with several layers of paint or wall covering. Drywall isn’t heavy, but it has no flexibility like wood, which means that the drywall can crack around door frames or window areas if there are large swings in humidity levels. Water damage can also cause cracks because water weakens the bonds between the coating and the paper backing. If someone needs to replace drywall near these areas, the process is called “drywall remodeling.”

A lot of important information goes into planning for drywall replacement. If you’re not working with a professional contractor, start by getting an estimate from several professionals and asking questions about the process of drywall replacement - your list will help narrow down which contractors to hire.

We at our company employ the best professionals that can handle drywall remodeling. First, we inspect the damaged area and determine the size of the area that needs to be replaced. A trench is dug around the edges of the area, deep enough to reach below where there are no large gaps. Once this is completed, a thick backer board is installed into place which will provide support for the new drywall sheets. The old drywall, along with any paint or wall covering in good condition is removed from inside the trench until fresh drywall can be put up after ready. After it’s properly done our team installs new drywall sheets over the top of backer board material, which covers all imperfections in your wall seamlessly while providing you with an enhanced appearance.

basement during remodeling
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Our Approach

We strive to provide the highest level of customer service. Our company is committed to customer satisfaction and a strict professional culture. We have a team that includes professional and creative drywall contractors, who will help you achieve all your goals.

Our workers will treat your project with professionalism and respect, no matter how small or large. Our core values are the foundation of our company. We strive to ensure that every customer is satisfied with each assignment. Before we do anything, our professionals consult with customers.

We will find the best solution to your drywall problems at a price that is affordable. Contact one of our agents today to receive a free quote. Call us for any questions or queries regarding the potential repairs or replacements your property may require. Get in touch with us immediately!

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It is possible to get one by calling. We are available to answer any questions you might have, and provide a quotation for repairs. We will provide you with an estimate of the cost to have your ceilings and walls repaired. This depends on the extent of the damage.
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No. We will be ready to work at your location, armed with all the necessary tools and materials. After you hire us, everything will be taken care of for you. We offer stress-free services for wall repairs and wall installations. Your wall will look even better.
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Our work is affordable and high quality. We never charge more than we work for. We can provide an estimate or a price quote to help you determine the cost of repairing your walls. We promise to provide the best service at the most reasonable prices.
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